Milou Honig ( Amsterdam, 1947) graduated in 1969 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
From that time on she is working as an artist. Nowadays her paintings and her graphic art show that a strong relationship between abstraction and reality exists. Often her works are compositions of colourful abstract fields, not very well defined, but still distinct from each other. In those colourful fields you see figurative elements: a ancient city-wall, a sand desert, dutch skies above the polder-landscape, the hills and valleys of the french Dordogne. And impressions of Africa, such as a mosque, the valley of the river Draa, geometric forms from the African decorative art.
Colour is for Milou Honig a very first. Her works have to radiate, to vibrate. She paints sunny, happy-making sceneries out of a conviction that nature is the source of vitality and can not/ must not be contained.

photo: Sjaak Ramakers

Milou Honig uses different methods: she paints on paper (gouache) and canvas (acrylic paint) and she makes her own graphic art, mainly silk-screens, which she finds the best medium for the contrasting polychromy of her work.
Milou lives and works in France, most time of the year.